Strategy for FullTiltPoker Single Table Sit and Go Tournaments

Strategy for FullTiltPoker Single Table Sit and Go Tournaments

Single table sit and go FullTiltPoker tournaments are among the most popular of poker tournament formats. Single table Sit n gos are fast paced, there is not a big field to fight through, and they start and finish quickly. Single table Sit and gos are available 24 hours a day, and vary in buy-in range. As a result, there is usually a game available at your desired price range.

Early strategy for Single Table Sit n Go tourneys

Early on, adopt a passive strategy preflop. Let your opposition play into you. By allowing them to think you are weak and passive, the opposing players will be more likely to hand you their stack when trying to knock you off the pot while they hold ace high. Allow them to overplay their Ace-Kings and top pair hands, while you are looking to crack them after the flop with a sneaky straight or two pair. Let them do most of the heavy lifting when you are in later position and they want to continue betting. If you are checked to, it is perfectly fine to begin betting. However, when you have a better than average hand, be sure to over bet the pot, as many players will call overbets with hands they’d also call value bets in these early stages. Get them committed to the pot early without their knowledge.

Single Table SNG Strategy for the Middle Stages the Bubble and Beyond

During the middle stages of the ST SNG on, play tends to tighten up as the blinds rise and play progresses towards the bubble. As play tightens up and the blinds increase, so should your preflop aggression. Be willing to raise preflop, looking to take down pot after pot uncontested. By keeping the pressure on, you will amass chips in a quest for victory while your opposition is taking the duck and cover approach in a feeble attempt merely to survive.

As play moves past the bubble and into the prize money, close out the tournament strongly. Look to put the big decisions to the middle stack, as he will most fear busting out before the short stack. When the short and medium stacks exchange positions, follow the medium stack. When the time is right, feel free to bust the short stack out obviously. However, use the power of that short stack’s presence further instilling fear into your opposition. If you find yourself the short stack at the rakeback table, play the all-in or fold game, specifically attacking the chip leader. Use his fear of being crippled to your advantage.

By adjusting your game, you will be able to navigate successfully the circuit of single table poker tourneys. Playing smart, situational poker will prove beneficial in single table sit and go poker tournaments.

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