Sit and Go Poker- basic tips

Sit and Go Poker- basic tips

Sit and go poker is a tournament style which is quite popular and common today on most online sites for poker. This is an informal tournament style and is played by a large number of players today.

The procedure

Sit and go tournaments are a good way to practice for players who are still new for tournaments and want to get trained for an actual tournament. Unlike the major initial tables in some of the multi table tournaments, the number of players at sit and go tournaments will only go down. There would be no replacements at the tournaments for players that drop out of the game. Generally, the online sites will announce or list their tournaments and the information would be provided about the type of poker that is being player, the betting structure, blinds structure and the buy in amount required along with registration links and the prize.

Any player that wants to participate in the tournament will be required to register first and then pay for the required buy in. you can then take a seat at any of the table and then wait for other players to join at the table. The play would start when the table is full. The number of players that would be required on any table would vary for any tournament but it can be anywhere from 5 to 10. The game would continue until there is a winner and there are only three players left at the table.

Some tips

At the beginning to any sit and go tournament, it would be very helpful to play a tight game. When there is a full table, you would not be required to post the blinds very frequently. For example, in a ten handed game, it would be a good idea to fold your bad hands so that you can ride out and can afford to wait for the good hands when the action is still not very fast on the table.

As the game would progress, you should start playing a little looser. When there are only five players at the table, you would have to post the blinds more frequently and it would be costly for you to remain in the game without winning anything. If you do that, your chip stack would be empty in no time. At this stage of the tournament, you will have to play a lot more hands and will also have to be more aggressive. Bluffing can be useful at this point of time, especially when you are a late position player. This would allow you to make the most of your hands, even when they are weak and ensure that you make more money at the game than you would have towards the beginning of the tournament.

Sit and go tournament strategy is very simple and they are actually easier to win when compared to the other tournament formats. If you are a new player, you can start by practicing at these tournaments. When you feel confident enough and think that you can handle tougher opponents, you can move on to the multi table tournaments.

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