Online Poker Training Guide

Online Poker Training Guide

With new poker players learning how to play pocker everyday there has been a strong need for online poker training websites. With the ease of making video tutorials nowadays on the computer it isn’t that difficult to make strategy videos for online poker players and there are some websites which do it very well. Today we’re going to look at some of your options if you’re looking to learn how to become a better online poker player and don’t mind spending a bit of money. is one of the best online poker training websites and features a lot of inside advice from poker professional Daniel Negreanu. You won’t be able to find any of the PokerVT training on any other website and the costs are very competitive. Apart from Negreanu PokerVT also has training modules created by a nice list of other poker professionals as well. is an ideal training center for all players who are looking to improve at sit and go poker tournaments online. You need specialized training once you understand the game and you won’t be able to find more detailed and practical advice for sit and go tournaments anywhere else. has been one of the most popular poker websites since online poker started years ago. They have one of the best groups of poker players around and they have tons of strategy videos and articles about playing cash games. If you’re a cash game poker player online in any poker room then you need to become a member of the community. offers training for sit and go tournaments plus multi-table tournaments, but lack cash game training modules. If your main focus is to become a better tournament player then you might find some interesting information out from joining and becoming a member of

Another one of the best communities for poker players is the 2+2 Forums where poker players meet daily to discuss all of the latest news, tips, strategy and more. If you’re looking to join the biggest free online poker community then you need to sign-up for this forum. The forums are very active with new posts everyday and many of the members are experienced online poker players who share there knowledge with fellow members.

Once you’ve gotten your training under control you’re also going to want to find some Poker Stars poker tools to help you along the way. There are many poker calculators which specialize in different games and game structures. You need to find a poker tool which works for your needs, so if you’re a sit and go player you need a poker tool which specializes in sit and go tournaments.

If you’re serious about making money consistently and over the long term in online poker, then download absolute poker and become a good poker player. Playing is great because you gain experience, but learn from your mistakes, but there are many advanced techniques which you won’t learn unless you join some of the premiere training websites. Most only cost $25/$50 per month which is only one hand on a small $1/$2 cash game table so it’s worth the investment in yourself.

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