How to play against a short stack

short stack

How to play against a short stack

When playing on Everest Poker, the short stack at the table is often overlooked. Because a player has a small stack does not mean he is not dangerous. Short stacked poker players can often cause chaos at the poker table. When encountering a short stack, one must keep in mind that the short stack is often committed early in the hand.

When coming up against a short stacked poker player, one must choose his moves wisely, as any misstep results in a competition for all his poker soda chips. Often if a short stack calls a second bet, he is committed to the pot. When making a second bet, it is often wise to put the short stack to a decision at the moment for all of his chips. This takes a tough decision and places it upon his shoulders, as opposed to yours.

Additionally, if you have a great read on the short stacked Pacific Poker player, you are often able to induce this player to shove all-in when he has missed his flop by simply checking. Showing any weakness can often induce a bluff or semi-bluff from a short stack, as his goal is to double through as quickly as possible. If he senses weakness, he is likely to take what is seemingly the fast track to obtaining chips.

Many people make the mistake of folding when on a draw against a short stacked player. This can be a mistake. Keep in mind; you are the player with the chips. The short stack player should not be able to knock you off of a profitable draw.

Finding yourself against a short stack can be frustrating. Adjusting your play to the short stacked player and to the situation is crucial. By making some small adjustments to your game, you can profit greatly against short stack players.

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